Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Remembering who you Are?

Remembering the fullness of who you are is like collecting missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzel and for most of us with the lights of!!!
It is not until somebody turns on the light suddenly we can see where we are and have enough light to start finding the missing pieces.
This is what the journey here on earth is like. If you imagine you are a magnificent painting and when you arrived here on earth the ability to see all of yourself slowly dimishes as you became more and more conditions to the ways of the world. You are still that magnificent painting the fullness of who you are has never gone away and as you release old thought patterns and beliefs you are able to see more and more of yourself " the master piece" You remember how beautiful you truely are.
Each canvas here on earth is unique unto itself and as we remember who we are ,we remember that we are a piece of the grand puzzel. We are an important part of what makes up divine god/goddess and all that is.
You matter, and awakening to the fullness of who you are matters not only to you but to all that is.
Imagine the biggest city in the world in complete darkness, nobody can see where they are going, there is fear, caios and everybody is trying to find there way around in the dark. Now imagine you are a light in that city and everytime you remember who you are (a divinley loving being), the light switch is turn on and you can see where you are going. It is not only you who knows where they are going now, the radience of your light shines also for others around you and helps them to see also where they are going. Before you know it the whole city is alight and living with awareness and living from their hearts.
So where do we find the light switch to activate more of your light here on earth?
As our DNA is upgraded we are able to access more of our higher consciousness and the higher consciousness is heart consciousness. You will find the key in your heart.
One of my greatest learnings in which a very dear friend has been reminding me of is to always listen to your heart ,your heart always knows the truth.
I am very strong in my heart center and have always made life decisions based on my hearts knowing dispite the fear I may have been feeling at the time.I am now practicing to make my moment to moment decisions based on this truth also.
Sometimes it is not always easy to decide whether someone is being authentic with you or not. They may be saying beautiful things of love and light but it may not feel right. Always trust the feeling even if what someone is saying sounds good. How does it feel in your heart, and if your not sure just wait and make a choice when you are sure.
Allow yourself the time you need to listen to your heart and then follow it's  lead. You will always be lead more into the light and truth of who you are and it is a way to remember more of who you are.

May this post shine more light on the magnificent master piece you are

In Love, Light and Freedom
Heather Jean

Monday, 8 August 2011

A New Beginning

By now most of you viewing this would have heard about assension and the year 2012 being the beginning or end of the world as we know it.
So what does assension mean in simple terms?
It just means our consciousness or our thought processes are changing, so the way in which we will see things or issues in our lives is also changing.
The same thing is happening to the earth that is why there are so many natural disasters happening,floods , global warming, earthquakes, volcanoes etc is the natural process of the earth cleansing itself of old vibrations.
Mother Earth has been supporting and loving us unconditionally throughout time and through our unconscious thoughts or our lack of thinking.
Our footprint on the earth has made a mark and the earth can no longer take the abuse we have been giving anymore. She is in pain.
Our Planet has a consciousness just like we do so what we think and do has an effect and it is pretty clear by looking at the enviornmental issues she is in trouble.
It is time to clean up our thought processes. It is time to change, let go and release anything that is not working for you anymore. Start asking yourself deeper questions like Who are you? What are you doing here? What is the higher purpose of who you are?...... Now these are pretty big questions. Monks meditation on these questions for years and we are almost being forced or pushed to face these questions now through the events that are happening around us and in our lives.
If everything that is happening is a direct reflection of your subconscious thoughts, what are you contributing to?
What are you creating through conditioned thoughts?
What until now have you been unaware of?
What are you seeing now?.......

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Love , peace and freedom to you all
Heather Jean