Wednesday, 25 July 2012

In The Beginning - The Lemurian Teachings
In the beginning of time there was a homage paid to the self the divine self within. We were one, our bodies were connected to the universal matrix and were able to manifest with great easy what ever we needed to move more into form and begin living upon this planet we now call Earth. We were ethereal at first when our light bodies lived upon the planet and as time moved on we gradually began to construct a more solid form of body working with the planet. It was Mother Earth her self who taught us how to do this. We aligned our frequency with hers and lived in harmony with her and all life here on the planet as we were created in her image. Our structures were copied from her. Our consciousnesses were one. There was no separation between us we were an extension of the body our mother earth. This is what it means to be born of the earth. We come and were created from the earth and to the earth we shall return. There are many of us” more enlightened” you would say, beings rising from within the planet now. Our structures are formed in the same way as what the original Lemurians were, broken back down through the mathematical formula of sacred geometry originally formed through sound frequency from light. Our multi dimensional selves are still in the form of sound and light and by connection to these frequencies of sound you will find the stillness you seek within and be able to align again with the creative force in which you are. Manifesting into form will be instantaneous as you connect to this frequency, learn more about your frequencies and connect with them often and you will manifest the pure light in which you are into shapes and form. Connect and begin and continue your relationship getting to know your mother, earth she has much to share with you all about creation in balance and harmony. She is the expert. All in which she creates is always in harmony and bringing balance to the form in which she has manifested into.
She is your teacher and shares with you all the secrets of life itself on this planet listen closely to her, follow her lead and you will all again live in harmony as one.
Blessed be I am Kryon.