Monday, 12 September 2011


It is time now to embrace your own uniqueness and trust in the light you are.Trust in yourself and know that there is nothing outside of you that can possiably fill you, for it is you who fills the self.
It is always you.
It is you , you see achieving
It is you, you see shining,in love with grace and ease
It is you that is beauty

Expressing your heart is all you need to do here on this earth.
Express your truth in all it's glory, do not hold back.

True freedom is obtained only when you set yourself free,there is no one holding you in bondage but you. You are the freedom in which you seek.

Forgive yourself, what you see as short comings are just bumps in the road leading you to higher ground. With each bump you are bumped up to higher learning,more learnings to discover the real you, the true you, the magnifecent you.
You are the one that loves unconditionally and that holds all the ancient wisdom within, the one who has the answers,the one that can manifest the life your heart truely desires with great ease and grace.

You are the one who is God/Goddess, all that is. This is you.
                          You are what you seek.

The search is over when you see this truth and love yourself enough to lead your own path,your own truth,Your own council.

You are the council

Cherish the moment, as this moment is all there is. There is nowhere to go nothing to hide, just full expression of your experience you are playing out in your life now.
The way you chose to play in this life makes a diference to the whole of exsistance in every space and time. 
This is you.
We are one.