Monday, 10 October 2011

Making way for the New Energies Arriving

With the new energies arriving and full moon in Aries on Wednesday this is a highly charged week.
We are being asked in each moment to let go of old relationships, habits and old behaviours to make room for the new energies arriving.
With each down pouring of the new light frequencies it is getting easier for us to see and make changes that need to happen to align more with the higher vibrating frequencies of our I am presence.
Letting go of old attachments and forgiveness of ourselves is very important right now.
The shadow aspect must be faced so we can hold more light in our bodies.
There is nothing to fear about our shadow and connecting more with the inner worlds of all that is as nothing has the power over you unless you allow it.
The divine law states, you are whole, you are a part of the whole, therefore everything outside of you is a part of you. The dark force or shadow you have been fearing is the power of you in your shadow self ,a part of you also that makes up the whole. Recognising this gives you the power to transform any negative or shadow aspects of the self into light.
You are bringing conscious awareness to the fullness of the light in which you are, through recognising the shadow or dark part of yourself.
In each moment you recognise a part of your shadow self, come back to your center through your breath and transform this part of you. If you are having trouble bringing this aspect of your self into the light find someone who can assist you.

Don't be afraid to look at what it is in you that needs transforming from dark into light or from the unconscious to the conscious. Ask to see the truth in all situations.

There is contrasting energy on all levels and parallels and in each level or layer there is transformation of the shadow into light and awareness for spiritual growth and your evolution.

As you work with transforming the shadow in you, you gain insight and awareness to a greater part in you and you can integrate more of who you here on the planet. As each level of consciousness is transformed and you move your awareness to a higher state of consciousness you will be faced with the shadow again to transform on this level to gain more understanding again of the self and the power of who you are.

Understanding higher law is understanding higher consciousness. There is an order and process, step by step which uncovers more of the veil you have been leaving behind on this earth so be patient and forgiving with yourself.

The new children being birthed today the " Rainbow Children" carry a higher consciousness there fore a higher frequency and have more understanding and have transformed or evolved enough spiritually that when they come to this reality they have understanding of the truth and will be operating from this truth.

There is duality here on earth however holding higher frequencies of light the shadow is always easier to transform. This is what is upgrading with us now. If the children like us still have shadow aspects to transform within, this will be showing in situations surrounding them to transform this within themselves there fore the earth and all that is.

As the earth evolves in consciousness so do we.

The reflection of the earth clearing her imbalances and showing her power in the manifestation of creation herself is to be noted. You as a human race are also transforming old thought forms,patterns and ways and finding new awareness that brings more love,peace,harmony and understanding to the process of evolution.

Your planet is one of the few planets that operate in the way of the veil of which governs the consciousness accessed on the planet. This veil is a part of the brain which through evolution of consciousness is bought more into light. We humans are getting an opportunity to experience the power in which we have to transform the way we see our lives forever.

Life becomes more magical behind the veil as you have more wisdom and insight to create and live a life in harmony,peace and great love with awareness. Our mental bodies and our hearts are joining and coming together in balance. The opening of the third chamber of the heart connecting to the Christ consciousness grid which is being formed and integrated now.

Templates of the grid are now joining and coming together within the mind of the heart, also connecting with the crystalline frequencies. What appears to be forming from outside of us or coming down from the sky has always been there inside of our hearts,it is just more easily accessible to people if they choose to connect to the channel within the mind of God or higher consciousness.

Our clearing to be able to listen deeper into the heart, accessing the Christ mind within the heart, clear communication and relationship forms, the energy of that mind/heart connection becomes stronger.
The connection gains you access into the inner worlds. The Inner worlds are the inner worlds within you. As what you see outside of you is a reflection of what is within ( within the inner worlds)

and you understand something differently. Nothing has changed, the book is still has the same cover and you are still reading the same words but the way in which you interpret them is different as your consciousness becomes more aware.
The power of this full moon together with the down pouring of light in these few days gives us an amazing opportunity to let go, transform and expand more into the love and light of who we truly are.
These are indeed exciting times

In love and gratitude
Heather Jean

Monday, 3 October 2011


With the new consciousness being awakened from within and realigning, this frequency is activating our own crystaline energy held with in the DNA . This beautiful energy being re awakened with in us is pure love. It is softness and gentleness.

Imagine holding  the most beautiful jewel or crystal, it's form feels solid but apon attuning to the energy and senseing inside of your heart you open to a space of expanded peace and love.

This is what is happening now within us all with the assension process . we are coming to a time now where we can experience more of this vibration of love and gratitude in our bodies. It feels like our hearts are expanding more and more in love and joy, and it is :) 

With all the changes and the quickening pace of our lives, this beautiful crystaline energy is what is emerging from within us. We are remembering what it is like to live in love, making choices for the greater good and discovering kindness for ourselfs again.

To live in a world of love, peace and gratitude we need to BE this.

We are being guided and directed inward to make changes in our everyday decision making to bring ourselves joy and happiness. Making choices that bring us joy automatically brings all people, and living things joy.
One by one we add to the consciousness and together the mass consciousness shifts to love ,peace,harmony, joy and gratitude.
This is what is happening with the planet which is also excellerating the speed of our growth.
Gratitude everyday for all you receive/ have received and are going to receive is one of the fastest ways to open the door for not only what is waiting for you to receive but also the whole planet.

All of us together shifting our everyday thought inward to our hearts actually assists the whole universe.
REMEMBER YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE and all things flow from within you

We make choices all the time thinking of others as this is natural and it also makes us feel good which is great. It is also important to include yourself in the thinking, as you are just as important as somebody else.
After all we are all equally important, right?
Valuing the self in your world and making your self accountable for all you do in your life is empowered living and empowered living has a much stronger force which adds and assists to the rebalancing not only of your own life but also again the planets
It is is our conditioning always to," look outside" and "give outside" of ourselves for fullfilment.
True fullfilment will imerge naturally from within when you listen inside and make heart based decsions in each moment. It is from this place of connection that we start to flow naturaly with life giving and receiving from a place of unconditional love and fullness.

While we are re balancing we can be a little like a pendulum,swinging one way and then the other while we are finding our way but after a few swings we find the middle and balance.

So it may feel like you are being very indulgent and selfish when you first start listening to your heart and it is saying, say yes to you and no to others, but while we are finding our natural balance if we have been out of alignment we will need to put some energy into the otherside to find our true natural flow again. 

So as you awaken to the greater love of you enjoy finding your true balance this is where true happiness lives.

In love, Gratitude and Freedom
I am Heather Jean