Wednesday, 25 July 2012

In The Beginning - The Lemurian Teachings
In the beginning of time there was a homage paid to the self the divine self within. We were one, our bodies were connected to the universal matrix and were able to manifest with great easy what ever we needed to move more into form and begin living upon this planet we now call Earth. We were ethereal at first when our light bodies lived upon the planet and as time moved on we gradually began to construct a more solid form of body working with the planet. It was Mother Earth her self who taught us how to do this. We aligned our frequency with hers and lived in harmony with her and all life here on the planet as we were created in her image. Our structures were copied from her. Our consciousnesses were one. There was no separation between us we were an extension of the body our mother earth. This is what it means to be born of the earth. We come and were created from the earth and to the earth we shall return. There are many of us” more enlightened” you would say, beings rising from within the planet now. Our structures are formed in the same way as what the original Lemurians were, broken back down through the mathematical formula of sacred geometry originally formed through sound frequency from light. Our multi dimensional selves are still in the form of sound and light and by connection to these frequencies of sound you will find the stillness you seek within and be able to align again with the creative force in which you are. Manifesting into form will be instantaneous as you connect to this frequency, learn more about your frequencies and connect with them often and you will manifest the pure light in which you are into shapes and form. Connect and begin and continue your relationship getting to know your mother, earth she has much to share with you all about creation in balance and harmony. She is the expert. All in which she creates is always in harmony and bringing balance to the form in which she has manifested into.
She is your teacher and shares with you all the secrets of life itself on this planet listen closely to her, follow her lead and you will all again live in harmony as one.
Blessed be I am Kryon.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hello everybody,                                                                                          

Happy Easter to you all I hope your Easter was full of fun, love and laughter


This month is all about realigning to yourself and your hearts truth, yes this has been going on for a while now but the speed in which the change is happening this month is on fast forward. We are clearing years and lifetimes of stuff in only a few short months. So, if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed with things and been asking your self, when does it stop? There is still a tad more to do to fully align with our higher self and live in balance knowing we are the one we have been searching for and all our answers lie within our heartsJ
It cracked me up when I first really got this LOL.

  Many of you may have already noticed your own transformation in process.
Easter time always seems to be a time of change and transformation as a whole but this year the energy has been a little more intense.
The speed in which we have to deal with change seems to be faster now more than ever. Yes, it is true, that we are undergoing a tremendous amount of change in a short period of time.
Before all those new and brilliant ideas you have can fully manifest there needs to be some cleaning out of the backyard so to speak. Something has to die in order for new life. It is all part of natures cycles and we are a part of nature.
You may have noticed old feelings resurfacing you thought you had dealt with a long time ago rise to the surface to be cleared. Just allow them to pass through they are just needing to be free.
Attending to unfinished business, making decisions and letting of the old way you used to do things.
Being aware perhaps of where in the past you may have sold yourself short or covered up your own feelings for that of another.
 All of the things you personally need to address within yourself have to be looked at, it is like we can’t let anything just ride anymore, we have to face these parts of us that we have been ignoring. And that isn’t always easy because usually when we are honest with ourselves and others there is that fear of hurting another and perhaps someone you love or the fear of the unknown, but it is important now more that ever that we align with our hearts and allow them to lead the way,

 So how do we start to live from the heart?

1.      Honour our own feelings and be responsible for them with out projecting them onto another.
2.      Know that you are not responsible for the way another person feels. You can not control another’s feelings or reactions they are completely 100% owned by them therefore they are responsible for there feelings.
             It doesn’t feel nice to let another down but you have to ask at what cost is that
             to you?               
3        Be aware of your choices and what energy you are choosing to be aligned with
4        Trust the feeling in your heart and follow your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right that is your intuition telling you, it is not.
5        Have the courage to follow through with your hearts desires, after all what have you got to loose?
6        Make a choice to believe in yourself, if you don’t believe in you how is anybody else going to believe in you?
7        When faced with having to change something you are doing or being, ask yourself the question, what am I afraid of? When you can pin point what the fear is you have the power to make another choice and choose the outcome coming from a place of love.
8        Listen deeply to your inner voice and make the choices based on what these gentle whispers are telling you.
9        Don’t be afraid to try new things
10    Forgive yourself for when you have not honoured yourself in the past
11    Forgive others and set yourself free. Life’s to short and there are to many beautiful things to experience here on earth to hold a grudge.
12    Let go, be free and love.
13    Connect with love and gratitude within your heart everyday. Our lives are truly blessed.

Don’t be afraid of the old dying it is making room for your new beginnings. Have grace and compassion for your self in these times of great change and you will ride the wave fully appreciating the wisdom gained through your experience and end up arriving to a new shore. The shore of the new world where we are living in harmony. This harmony within is gained through this transformation period. These are indeed new times enjoy this new experience and have fun along the way.

Blessed Be
Heather Jean

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


While our vibrations are changing so rapidly those emotions we have held onto with in our bodies need to be set free.
So often they are so subtle it is hard to recognise we have held onto them until a circumstance happens and we feel it so deeply it is like a sharp knife to the heart.
One minute everything is fine and the next something happens that totally puts us out of balance emotionally. It is like, wow! where did that come from?
The truth is those feelings were buried deep within underneath our busy lives lead in survival.
All we can do at this time is allow the emotion to surface and listen to our thoughts as they are processing usually at a fast pace.
 Allowing ourselves the time and space to feel consciously helps us receive insight to turn the emotion around full circle from pain and fear to love……. How? I hear you say… honouring each part of the process knowing that that is your truth right now but perhaps not necessarily “THE “ truth.
In fact one of my friends just recently reminded me of the fact that there is just our experience and that is it. The stories we create around our experiences are just that stories based on our perceptions around our experiences.
The truth for me runs deeper like an undercurrent in a river you are not able to see it or feel it unless you dive in deep to where it is running. This takes stillness, silence and space to be able to go deep into the recesses of your heart for knowing.
In my experience there are no words to my truth it is a knowing a feeling a current of powerful energy running through the deep recesses of my heart, my essence.

Enjoy your month
Much Love Heather xo

Monday, 6 February 2012


While January we have set our foundation for what we wanted in place this year now it seams time to sort through what needs to be bought back into balance and let go of the old thoughts and limiting stories for the new dreams to arrive.
 I have been asked by many people recently how to deal with the shadow aspects of the self that are surfacing in and around them while they are transitioning to higher vibrating thoughts.
At this moment in time we are separating from our old ways of thinking and reclaiming those higher aspects of ourselves to manifest our new way of living in wholeness, “as one”.
This transition can feel quite daunting if you are still quite attached to your old stories and the way you have been living your life up until now. We tend to cling to the old when the new way is unknown. Just know this…
The new way is always better.
Have you ever really wanted and worked for something really hard with all of your heart only to discover when reaching your goal it is not the way you imagined it to be? When you made your decision it was right for you at that time but through the experience of the journey you changed, grew and evolved and at the end of the experience it is time to expand again to something greater.
 A lot of the time we make decisions based on our logic minds knowing that if we do A and B it will equal C it is a proven formula and we can’t go wrong, the only problem is, does this strategy match your hearts desires or is it a means to an end?
Usually if things are not going smoothly in our lives we make decisions out of moving away from what we don’t like, rather than moving toward something that is going to satisfy our hearts desires, when the time is right we naturally transition into our new job, life or relationship.
Returning to wholeness within the self now, we need to make decisions based on our hearts truth in the face of logic and fear of survival. Because this is not the way we have been conditioned to make decisions there can be quite a bit of internal conflict.
While we are following our hearts desires this does not mean we don’t use our thinking in fact we must use our thinking this is important. What I am suggesting is you use all those parts of you communicating together as a team and move forward with a solid foundation in your flow when making your choice.
Let me explain…… You have other parts of you communicating all the time it is just that normally we will be more inclined to use one part rather than the other.
Those four parts are Intuition - spiritual
                                 Feeling - emotional
                              Thinking – mental
                                Sensing - Physical
A good idea is to find out which part you use the most and rely heavily on and ask which aspect of you could you develop and start to use more to bring balance to the way you respond in life, using all four parts equally.
For example I found I would use my intuition, feeling and sensing automatically I needed to develop more of my mental body. I would rely on my intuition to get me though everything while developing my mental body bought a whole other aspect to my decision making process. Someone could be saying one thing to me however my intuition would be telling me something else and I would use my thinking to reinforce the truth and make choices from trusting my self rather than from what the person was saying.
Also when I receive channelled information it makes sense to me on a level of intuition but I needed to learn how to decode the message for everybody to understand and make sense of and learn how to communicate it so people could use the information to assist them in their everyday lives (I used to find quite difficult.)
I really enjoy transforming the information now.
 So much more of who you are is waiting to be embraced. Allow yourself the compassion you need to let go and fall into the arms of those greater parts of you that are waiting to be lived now.
 They know exactly how to love and be loved at depths we could only imagine.
Do not be afraid to let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer and embrace the unknown, as your life, the journey into wonderment is full.

Heather Jean
The magic Of You

Monday, 9 January 2012


It is time to embrace a brand new year… 2012 .The year a lot of us have been preparing for. 
Now is the time to plant the new seeds of consciousness.

The new seeds of consciousness actively await activation now to take us into new dimensional spaces and places. I see the seed of the new consciousness being awaken with in the consciousness of the 4 chambers of the heart. The new seed has information that has not been lived or experienced in this time/space reality.

Karma needs to be cleared from the past to access this information.This is taking place now which is why many of us are reconnecting of letting go of people or the way we interact with others in our lives.

There are new ways of living, new societies and structures being constructed and built that are ready to surface now for a new world. This new way of living is aligned with integrity and truth and will been easily seen and recognised. There will be new books with new information arriving with new laws and systems. Those in which have been created from the point of light where it all began. 

We will be existing in a world with more love. That is why our hearts are clearing and any shadow left behind will resurface to let go and expand more with in the heart. It is the shadow aspect of ourselves that holds us from greater love so the more you acknowledge what is not serving you any more the easier it will be to create your new life with unconditional love, gratitude and compassion.

As the new information surfaces from with in the consciousness, it expands to greater depths with in the creational forces. Each part of creation plays a part in shifting these forces. The wind, earth, water, fire is the alchemy working with creation. With each of these elements they carry a vibrational frequency through sound, mathematical equations and formulas. As the earth shifts with the pole shifts it is creating ripples, waves, tornadoes, tsunamis, heat,earthquakes, shifting the old consciousness of creation in this dimensional reality to a softer, smoother, rounder energy.
The Feminine energy
Now the information from the Lemurian scrolls has been returned to the earth it is easier to retrace your ancestry on all levels to access deeper knowing and wisdom of who you are in totally.
The new worlds leaders(not nessasarily within our governments) will lead with the truth from the sun, earth, wind and fire, all the elemental forces will be speaking and coming into play.
The elemental forces of life hold the key and represent the 4 chambers of the heart. All of these elements make up the whole. Merging and embodiment of each element with in you will discover the truth of creation and form.

The Native Americans knowledge of the earth.

Embodiment of these elemental life forces with in us is the key. Bringing these elements together to transmute, transform shift and shape shift.
Connecting with the elements and moving yourself with in them you will connect with the universal life force and flow within each one. Each of these elements are also transforming within themselves. What this means is alchemy as we know it is also going to materialise differently even through our minds cannot perceive this difference yet in time it will. Ask and you will be shown and as you are shown keep communicating with the elements for more of your answers.
What you never believed possible will be possible. Consciousness will automatically change within people and circumstance through alchemy happening on and within the earth.

The universal principles you seek are now available to you through your activation process. Awaken now to life’s activations, a new awakening within the mind of God/Goddess all that is…….you.
What you are seeing in your lives will be showing you the way. There will be things you wish to manifest and things you wish you hadn’t. Let the things go that are not working and embrace a new way. Life is an adventure and full of wonder. Why not imagine a life in unconditional love lived in gratitude, it is just a thought away.

 There is a deep sense of peace, love and harmony with the new world’s consciousness

Think it and so it shall be
Feel it and so it shall be
Speak it and so it shall be

Wishing you all a year full of wonder and new adventures
In love and gratitude
Heather Jean