Sunday, 6 November 2011


Hi everybody,
Trusting in your light and opening to greater depths with in the heart can often be challenging when faced with change and breaking free from old ways of being and sometimes old friends. So often we create scenarios projecting our inner feelings to those we are opposing to disconnect from when what we are really wanting to disconnect from is the uncomfortable feeling we are having when we are around that place or person.
Remembering that we are actually opposing ourselves is the key to greater harmony and a more expanded loving heart.From this place we have the power to transform old thoughts and feelings.
Moving to the city I have been blessed with living in a beautiful 2 story townhouse overlooking the ocean. It is absolutely gorgeous. I wake up in the morning feeling like a child on Christmas morning waiting to open her presents. My present being, pulling back the curtains to see the amazing colour and view of the ocean on that day.
Since having the pleasure of living in this apartment, the reality of having common walls, no back yard, living next to a drive threw bottle shop/pub/TAB, and on the corner of a busy intersection with this road being the regular route for trucks I have often felt like I need some space. I am surrounded by noice all the time, where is the silence???? Unknowingly I started to shut off sensing with my heart to be able to handle the energy. Being so sensitive I was feeling the vibration of a lifestyle I left long ago. A part of me inside just wanted to go back to the country and have some peace. Silence is like gold for me and I am used to having time on my own in my own space.I felt like I needed to protect myself from the heavy energy. To add to this the owners of the apartment came home to stay for a couple of weeks and even though they are not here often and I don't mind their company I noticed I was wanting to know when they were out and I had the house to myself. There was resistance in my heart and I could feel it.I was loosing more and more of my space and peace but at the time didn't consciously recognise what from.
 I could feel my self holding my breath and I felt like I wanted to run away and hide from the world and knew this was not the answer. I needed to let go of the resistance, so I did what any sane, loving person would do to ease the pain...I booked in for a massage :)
As I was being massaged it was really obvious my heart and solar plexes were blocked there was no movement. I became present with my breath and body and I started to breathe into the area that was blocked and breathe out the sound of what I was holding, I was able to go deeper into my heart and listen to what it was telling me, bringing space back into my heart again.
The tears fell and I could see my pattern easily, all my life I had conditioned my self to survive in an environment that was heavy and it took so much out of me to hold my space of positivity in an environment of negativity. It was tiring, having to clear the space all the time and set up grids for protection.
I know that love is the most powerful form of protection but being human I would fall in and out of love all the time depending on where my head was at.I needed to continually trust in the power of my light to be my protection.
I knew this was an opportunity to change a pattern of mine and expand in my heart consciousness.
I had to say "yes" and bring light to the anger, noice and a lower frequency and stay centered.The circumstances I could not say yes to, I had to say, "yes" to the" no"
When I arrived home from my massage, I was very open and aware of my old pattern and had made a choice to create a new pattern of genuine love and compassion in the face of adversity, not just saying I would, but actually feeling the love and compassion. I had the perfect opportunity when walking in the front door.
One of the people at home was fuming with a personal situation that was really upsetting her and she exploded with the story and how angry she was with the situation. After coming home from a place of complete love and oneness to anger and abuse was a shock to my system and one I do not welcome, how ever, here I was, I had manifested this opportunity to BE in oneness, love and compassion.
 I fully said yes to being in the firing line of the anger and trusted in the power of my love and light to transform the anger. I really heard her pain and could understand how hurt she was to see someone she loved being unfairly treated. Tears of compassion for her fell from my eyes in the recognition of a part of me that she was representing, In hearing her heart she was also able to hear her heart and tears of this recognition also fell. The anger was transformed in the light and love of compassion and we both experienced a beautiful healing.
Each person on this planet is a part that makes up the whole and while our brothers and sisters are in pain we to are also in pain. bringing love and compassion to a situation of anger and disharmony the anger will either leave or be transformed into love. As we take the higher road of learning and bring peace, love,harmony and compassion to ourselves we automatically radiate this energy for others to feel and resonate with.
Any darkness in transformed into light or it moves.
Trust in the power of your light and the next time you are faced with someone or something you want to avoid, hit over the head, or scream at, challenge yourself and embrace it in love and compassion and see what happens . You may be surprised at the power of your light to out shine any darkness.Being in harmony with yourself you also have the opportunity to bring another to meet you in that love.
Remember to have fun in the learning and don't take it to seriously and you will breeze through it.
Love to know how you go :)

In love and Gratitude
Heather Jean