Monday, 9 January 2012


It is time to embrace a brand new year… 2012 .The year a lot of us have been preparing for. 
Now is the time to plant the new seeds of consciousness.

The new seeds of consciousness actively await activation now to take us into new dimensional spaces and places. I see the seed of the new consciousness being awaken with in the consciousness of the 4 chambers of the heart. The new seed has information that has not been lived or experienced in this time/space reality.

Karma needs to be cleared from the past to access this information.This is taking place now which is why many of us are reconnecting of letting go of people or the way we interact with others in our lives.

There are new ways of living, new societies and structures being constructed and built that are ready to surface now for a new world. This new way of living is aligned with integrity and truth and will been easily seen and recognised. There will be new books with new information arriving with new laws and systems. Those in which have been created from the point of light where it all began. 

We will be existing in a world with more love. That is why our hearts are clearing and any shadow left behind will resurface to let go and expand more with in the heart. It is the shadow aspect of ourselves that holds us from greater love so the more you acknowledge what is not serving you any more the easier it will be to create your new life with unconditional love, gratitude and compassion.

As the new information surfaces from with in the consciousness, it expands to greater depths with in the creational forces. Each part of creation plays a part in shifting these forces. The wind, earth, water, fire is the alchemy working with creation. With each of these elements they carry a vibrational frequency through sound, mathematical equations and formulas. As the earth shifts with the pole shifts it is creating ripples, waves, tornadoes, tsunamis, heat,earthquakes, shifting the old consciousness of creation in this dimensional reality to a softer, smoother, rounder energy.
The Feminine energy
Now the information from the Lemurian scrolls has been returned to the earth it is easier to retrace your ancestry on all levels to access deeper knowing and wisdom of who you are in totally.
The new worlds leaders(not nessasarily within our governments) will lead with the truth from the sun, earth, wind and fire, all the elemental forces will be speaking and coming into play.
The elemental forces of life hold the key and represent the 4 chambers of the heart. All of these elements make up the whole. Merging and embodiment of each element with in you will discover the truth of creation and form.

The Native Americans knowledge of the earth.

Embodiment of these elemental life forces with in us is the key. Bringing these elements together to transmute, transform shift and shape shift.
Connecting with the elements and moving yourself with in them you will connect with the universal life force and flow within each one. Each of these elements are also transforming within themselves. What this means is alchemy as we know it is also going to materialise differently even through our minds cannot perceive this difference yet in time it will. Ask and you will be shown and as you are shown keep communicating with the elements for more of your answers.
What you never believed possible will be possible. Consciousness will automatically change within people and circumstance through alchemy happening on and within the earth.

The universal principles you seek are now available to you through your activation process. Awaken now to life’s activations, a new awakening within the mind of God/Goddess all that is…….you.
What you are seeing in your lives will be showing you the way. There will be things you wish to manifest and things you wish you hadn’t. Let the things go that are not working and embrace a new way. Life is an adventure and full of wonder. Why not imagine a life in unconditional love lived in gratitude, it is just a thought away.

 There is a deep sense of peace, love and harmony with the new world’s consciousness

Think it and so it shall be
Feel it and so it shall be
Speak it and so it shall be

Wishing you all a year full of wonder and new adventures
In love and gratitude
Heather Jean

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