Tuesday, 13 March 2012


While our vibrations are changing so rapidly those emotions we have held onto with in our bodies need to be set free.
So often they are so subtle it is hard to recognise we have held onto them until a circumstance happens and we feel it so deeply it is like a sharp knife to the heart.
One minute everything is fine and the next something happens that totally puts us out of balance emotionally. It is like, wow! where did that come from?
The truth is those feelings were buried deep within underneath our busy lives lead in survival.
All we can do at this time is allow the emotion to surface and listen to our thoughts as they are processing usually at a fast pace.
 Allowing ourselves the time and space to feel consciously helps us receive insight to turn the emotion around full circle from pain and fear to love……. How? I hear you say…..by honouring each part of the process knowing that that is your truth right now but perhaps not necessarily “THE “ truth.
In fact one of my friends just recently reminded me of the fact that there is just our experience and that is it. The stories we create around our experiences are just that stories based on our perceptions around our experiences.
The truth for me runs deeper like an undercurrent in a river you are not able to see it or feel it unless you dive in deep to where it is running. This takes stillness, silence and space to be able to go deep into the recesses of your heart for knowing.
In my experience there are no words to my truth it is a knowing a feeling a current of powerful energy running through the deep recesses of my heart, my essence.

Enjoy your month
Much Love Heather xo

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