Thursday, 12 April 2012


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Happy Easter to you all I hope your Easter was full of fun, love and laughter


This month is all about realigning to yourself and your hearts truth, yes this has been going on for a while now but the speed in which the change is happening this month is on fast forward. We are clearing years and lifetimes of stuff in only a few short months. So, if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed with things and been asking your self, when does it stop? There is still a tad more to do to fully align with our higher self and live in balance knowing we are the one we have been searching for and all our answers lie within our heartsJ
It cracked me up when I first really got this LOL.

  Many of you may have already noticed your own transformation in process.
Easter time always seems to be a time of change and transformation as a whole but this year the energy has been a little more intense.
The speed in which we have to deal with change seems to be faster now more than ever. Yes, it is true, that we are undergoing a tremendous amount of change in a short period of time.
Before all those new and brilliant ideas you have can fully manifest there needs to be some cleaning out of the backyard so to speak. Something has to die in order for new life. It is all part of natures cycles and we are a part of nature.
You may have noticed old feelings resurfacing you thought you had dealt with a long time ago rise to the surface to be cleared. Just allow them to pass through they are just needing to be free.
Attending to unfinished business, making decisions and letting of the old way you used to do things.
Being aware perhaps of where in the past you may have sold yourself short or covered up your own feelings for that of another.
 All of the things you personally need to address within yourself have to be looked at, it is like we can’t let anything just ride anymore, we have to face these parts of us that we have been ignoring. And that isn’t always easy because usually when we are honest with ourselves and others there is that fear of hurting another and perhaps someone you love or the fear of the unknown, but it is important now more that ever that we align with our hearts and allow them to lead the way,

 So how do we start to live from the heart?

1.      Honour our own feelings and be responsible for them with out projecting them onto another.
2.      Know that you are not responsible for the way another person feels. You can not control another’s feelings or reactions they are completely 100% owned by them therefore they are responsible for there feelings.
             It doesn’t feel nice to let another down but you have to ask at what cost is that
             to you?               
3        Be aware of your choices and what energy you are choosing to be aligned with
4        Trust the feeling in your heart and follow your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right that is your intuition telling you, it is not.
5        Have the courage to follow through with your hearts desires, after all what have you got to loose?
6        Make a choice to believe in yourself, if you don’t believe in you how is anybody else going to believe in you?
7        When faced with having to change something you are doing or being, ask yourself the question, what am I afraid of? When you can pin point what the fear is you have the power to make another choice and choose the outcome coming from a place of love.
8        Listen deeply to your inner voice and make the choices based on what these gentle whispers are telling you.
9        Don’t be afraid to try new things
10    Forgive yourself for when you have not honoured yourself in the past
11    Forgive others and set yourself free. Life’s to short and there are to many beautiful things to experience here on earth to hold a grudge.
12    Let go, be free and love.
13    Connect with love and gratitude within your heart everyday. Our lives are truly blessed.

Don’t be afraid of the old dying it is making room for your new beginnings. Have grace and compassion for your self in these times of great change and you will ride the wave fully appreciating the wisdom gained through your experience and end up arriving to a new shore. The shore of the new world where we are living in harmony. This harmony within is gained through this transformation period. These are indeed new times enjoy this new experience and have fun along the way.

Blessed Be
Heather Jean

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